About Us

Race2Respond, Inc. was created to provide charitable support through production of quality running events in benefit of other charities. Our Mission is to positively impact lives and leave a legacy of giving and love by running with purpose.


As communities around the world navigate the unknowns and challenges of COVID-19, we have an opportunity to rise up together-UNIFIED as ONE!  Loving one another, praying for one another, and giving to one another can shine such a bright light in the midst of darkness. Whether it's giving through monetary donations, providing supplies to those who need it most, a listening ear, a ZOOM call, prayers, or volunteering your time (even if it's remotely) ...YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! It starts with a simple YES!! YES, together we can make a difference in the lives of those all around us in so many different ways!


In lieu of a live Race2Respond 5K this year, we will have a VIRTUAL RACE!! This is so exciting because you can RUN or WALK any amount you choose (1 mile, 5K, half marathon, etc., or participate right from home as a Couch Donor if you are unable to physically run or walk the race. 100% of ALL participation fees (paid upon your online registration) will go locally to Twin City Mission for as need emergency lodging "off-site" should any of our neighbors in the shelter need to isolate due to COVID-19 precautions and grab-n-go lunches provided daily to those in need.

VIRTUAL RACE simply means you can register ONLINE as a runner/walker & commit to your very own Race to be completed anytime in the month of APRIL 2020 or if you are not able to run/walk you can register as a Couch Participant. AWARDS will be mailed out to the top 15 participants/families measured by overall involvment in the race, distance, and time. ***Please submit your race completion stats to us by using the Contact Us tab. Remember to be a loving neighbor & social distance---run or walk your race with your family in your own household or by yourself in your neighborhood! Use #Race2Respond to tag us with your racing photos when you get out and RUN or WALK YOUR RACE! HAPPY RACING EVERYONE!!